About the Founder

David Jackrel started his consulting business in 2014 in the San Francisco Bay Area to provide affordable high-quality consulting services for companies and individual inventors.



  • Registered Patent Agent with the USPTO experienced in developing IP portfolios, including prior art searches, application drafting, filing and prosecution
  • Experience in IP strategy development, IP portfolio analysis and valuation, and technical marketing of IP for sales and licensing
  • Expert witness with deep technical knowledge, strong analytical skills, IP understanding, attention to detail, and experience testifying
  • Work experience in demanding Silicon Valley start-up environments in R&D, Manufacturing Process Engineering, and IP organizations
  • PhD and MS from Stanford University in Materials Science and Engineering (Electrical Materials concentration), and BS from Cornell University

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Technical Areas of Expertise

  • Optoelectronic Devices– solar cells, photodetectors, image sensors, electrochromics, telecom systems
  • Materials Characterization– extensive experience in a wide array of techniques, including structural, optical, 3D metrology, chemical, electrical, and mechanical measurements
  • Semiconductor Devices– extensive experience including optoelectronic characterization, and finite element modeling
  • Semiconductor Processing– extensive experience including film deposition, lithography/nano-patterning, and device fabrication
  • Nanotech– nanoparticle/nanowire synthesis, nanostructured films, and nano-characterization
  • Fibers Materials– Kevlar, spider silk, and fibers characterization
  • Industrial Chemical Processing– plasma, thermal, and wet chemical technologies

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