These samples are just a cross-section of JCI’s patent work. JCI has worked on many other patent applications in various technology areas – consumer electronics, textiles, smart buildings, solar cells, biodegradable materials, etc…

JCI List of Examples

Due to our extensive IP experience and technical background, we are comfortable in a broad range of technologies!
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US 9,862,606            “Carbon allotropes”

US 9,997,334            “Seedless particles with carbon allotropes”

US 10,112,837          “Carbon allotropes”

US 10,373,808          “Seedless particles with carbon allotropes”

US 10,428,197          “Carbon and elastomer integration”

US 9,823,535            “Tungsten oxide nanostructure thin films for electrochromic devices”

US 2018/0364541      “Flexible and multilayer electrochromic devices and methods of making the same”

Substantial contributions to:
US 9,581,877      “Electrochromic multi-layer devices with charge sequestration and related methods”

US 10,007,163    “Electrochromic multi-layer devices with charge sequestration and related methods”

US 10,386,688     “Electrochromic devices with patterned electrically conductive layers”

US 10,230,353          “Nonlinear signal filtering”

US 2019/0036759      “Timing recovery for Nyquist shaped pulses”

US 2019/0123832      “Phase recovery for signals with quadrature amplitude modulation”

WO 2019/193487      “Semiconductor structure with chirp layer”

US 2019/0267356      “Light emitting apparatus with melanopic emission spectrum”

US 9,767,992            “Microwave chemical processing reactor”

US 9,812,295            “Microwave chemical processing”

US 10,308,512          “Microwave reactor system with gas-solids separation”

US 2020/0001525      “Closed loop print process adjustment based on real time feedback”
US 2020/0031051      “Multiple image projection system for additive manufacturing”

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